Welcome to Tiggers Nursery School

Established in 1996, Tiggers Nursery School (Putney) has long and proven history of providing a warm and caring environment for children to discover how much fun learning can be. The ethos at Tiggers has always remained the same, children need to have fun, whilst learning to be sociable, confident and well rounded. The children should want to run into school knowing that the day ahead is full of adventure!

Accepting children (10 months – 5 years) from September 2024

Ofsted Inspection

We are pleased to have received Outstanding in our recent inspection. Please find our report below.

Our Aims

Our main principle is that each child must be given the opportunity to develop their abilities at their own pace with the guidance of the teachers but without pressure and without comparison to others.

Our curriculum follows the EYFS framework, focusing on the 7 areas of learning:

Why Parents Choose Us

We find parents choose Tiggers for:

Dedicated Team

Our team are passionate and long-term team members being with us for 5+ years. Their daily care and devotion are at the heart of Tiggers

Access to Wandsworth Park, Putney

Wonderfully located opposite Wandsworth Park, our children enjoy daily trips to the park for exploration, exercise and enjoyment. This wonderful space supplements our outdoor activity garden

Individual Development

Our activities and plan help give children the best opportunity to grow and develop to their needs. Each child is assigned a key worker with daily, weekly and termly reports through our dedicated app to ensure collaboration with parents

What Our Parents Say

I have been a Tiggers mum for many years and I can't thank you enough for looking after my children so well, and for all the lovely memories you have given us to treasure about you."



Tiggers is a wonderful nursery, full of laughter, smiles and the happiest of children. Both of my children have had an incredibly positive experience there and the children develop an inner confidence whilst learning to be kind to others and developing new skills. It is a very special place.



Amber (now 13!) loved Tiggers warm and friendly home-from-home nursery. She attended from 2-4 years and blossomed in her time there. I would totally recommend Tiggers to any mum wanting a lovely nursery. Natasha and her team are professionals through and through.



Rocco always had so many stories to tell about his discoveries, adventures and his new friends. Every day kids learn something new without realising it!

At Tiggers, kids learn to be kind, positive and happy. They learn skills for life!



My second child is as happy at Tiggers as my first. They go in with a smile on their face and come out with a smile on their face. It is a happy, wonderful, loving nursery where your kids can learn and be prepared for school. It makes your life easier as a parent to know your child is having fun and is extremely well cared for.



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How to Enroll Your Child

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities nursery and as such the nursery is open to every family in the community (Putney). We take children throughout the year, subject to availability. There may be places available midway through a term or at the start of a new term. Register your interest below.